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 Wanda Coleman

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Brief Bio

Wanda Coleman (1946 - ) is an award-winning American poet. She is known as "the L.A. Blueswoman," and "the unofficial poet laureate of Los Angeles." She grew up in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles during the 1950s and 1960s. She has received fellowships from the John P. Guggenheim Foundation, The NEA, and the California Arts Council (in fiction and in poetry), and was the first C.O.L.A. literary fellow (Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, 2003). Her many honors include an Emmy in Daytime Drama writing, The 1999 Lenore Marshall Prize (for "Bathwater Wine"), and a nomination for the 2001 National Book Awards (for "Mercurochrome").

Some of Ms. Coleman books of poetry include Native in a Strange Land: Trials & Tremors (1996); Hand Dance (1993); African Sleeping Sickness (1990); A War of Eyes & Other Stories (1988); Heavy Daughter Blues: Poems & Stories 1968-1986 (1988); Imagoes (1983); and Mercurochrome: New Poems (2001). She has also written Mambo Hips & Make Believe: A Novel, published by Black Sparrow Press.

Interviews of Ms. Coleman can be found in Quercus Review #6, 2006, by Priscilla Ann Brown in Callaloo Vol. 26 No. 3, and in Another Chicago Magazine #35. Critical articles in which Ms. Coleman is discussed include Laurence Goldstein's essay "City of Poems: The Lyric Voice in Los Angeles since 1990" (The Misread City: New Literary Los Angeles, edited by Scott Timberg and Dana Gioia, Red Hen Press), and "Revising Western Criticism Through Wanda Coleman," essay by Krista Comer; Western American Literature Quarterly (Journal of The Western Literature Association, Vol. XXXIII No. 4, Utah State University, Department of English).

Poems - 10 in all

Wanda Coleman

the ISM
Bedtime Story
The Deuce of Cups
The California Crack
American Sonnet (35)
Nobody Wants To Know My Name
They Came Knocking On My Door At 7 A.M.
Sweet Mama Wanda Tells Fortunes For A Price

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