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i'm looking for a love

remember bobby womack admitting
his pain to the world, or
yrself, remember yrself vowing never, never
never to ever be hurt like that again, vowing
i will never never ever
put myself in a position
to be hurt like that again
remember me, i'm not exempt from this
as i write this poem

we all are seekers
we are all looking, we are
looking, we are looking, we are
looking for love
and yet, oh yes, make no mistake
we most definitely want, need and are
fighting for political power
we'll take some economic development
we'll even go after higher education too,
but what we're really looking for,
especially now that we've gotten older
and are less inclined to belive in material

what can i say abt love
that you have not heard before
that our voices have not cogently wrung from
song lyrics, some lonely
sister has not ached, what can be said
after all is said, nothing, nothing can be said
cause words won't warm the pillow, and applause
from an audience or awards, well
at night in the apartment alone, the room
dark, yr eyes wide open, what do you thk
that means -- a lot of peo. admire
my work and even, and even
even though there are peo.
who love me... this is difficult,
you know what i trying to say
how it is when you can't find what you
need, we are all out there, and most of us
are seekers
still looking, still searching,
still in desparate need, and even sometimes
when we get close to it, we are too afraid...

i can't go on w/h this
this shit is too hard...
i'm not going to stop living
i'm not going to stop working
but this shit, this shit
is so hard...

Written by Kalamu Ya Salaam


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