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Untitled #2 (for MTV Black History Month 2001)

Can't do that dance anymore
It doesn't fit my size, never did
I'm too big to do that dance
Always was too pretty
Won't shuck and jive
Not gonna coon
Not I Too many ancestors' tear stains on my face
Too many claps and hallelujahs under my belt
Not for anybody's enjoyment
Not for anybody's money
Green or long
Pound or euro
Not for you
Not I
I don't have time to do that dance
There aren't libraries in my baby's school
Playgrounds filled with glass
Teachers who are waiting for me to show up
And I will . on time

You won't catch me doing that dance
Not in this honey dwelling
I live here
My mother and God designed this for me
Just enough cinnamon (blow a kiss)
Just enough nutmeg (blow a kiss)
Stirred me in a pot
Listened for the timing bell
Ring and I am ready
Bite me when I'm cool

Bite me again when I'm not
Bite me all you want because
I've got more and some more and some more
And I will not do that dance
Not for you
Not for you
Too much to do that dance
And I am way too pretty

Written by Jill Scott


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