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Judgment Day

Dey tells me dat on Judgment Day
In some udder clime,
I'se "wine hate to gib account
Ob mah earthly time.

Dey tells me dat, if I drink gin,
Lie, o' steal, o' fight,
I ain't gwine neber be allowed
To walk in Jesus' light.

Dem as tells me all dese things
Goes to church on Sunday,
From dey shoulders sproutin' wings,
Shootin' crap on Monday.

No, I neber managed yet
To git real good religion;
Don't know why I didn't-
'Twarn't fer lack o' teachin'.

Guess I'se jes' a sinner,
Bound to go to Hell-
Jes' de same I'se kinder glad-
Shootin' crap is swell!

Written by James Baldwin (1924-1987)


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