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Knock on Wood

i go out to totem street
        we play
        neon monster
               and watusi feet

killer sharks chasin behind
        we play hide
               and out-run cops
they catch
        and me
               splittin over fence
they knock
        in willie's head
they kick me watusi
               for dead
like yesterday
        runnin feet in my brain
        won't stop willie lookin blood
               beggin me
cut off blackjack pain

so whenever you see me comin
        crazy watusi
               you call me watusi
i keep a wooden willie
        blade and bone out that fence
a high willie da conquieror
        listen! up there he talkin
wooden willie got all the sense
i go out to siren street
        don't play no more
me and willie beat a certain beat
        aimin wood carvin shadows
sometimes i knock on wood
        with fist
me and willie play togetherin
        and we don't miss

Written by Henry Dumas (1934-1968)


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