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East of New Haven

                 you see so many
                    graveyards around
                 these little towns-
                   out in the open
                       spaces & places.

                            i guess big cities
                       have not enough space for the
                              let alone the dead.

there is so much
water here
and back home in
chicago we would call
them rocks, lying all on the ground(s)
lots of rocks around/but
you would call them
stones here.
see how much smoother
the world is.

the farther east we
   the more frequent
are the stops at rich small
quaint towns and the more frequent
are the admonitions to "watch one's
ticket on the rack above the seat
or to be very sure to take it with
you if you leave your seat!"
                  the very wealthy,

as i ride the train
watching the many white students
eating out of brown paper
sacks, saving their now
money so that they can
be the very wealthy later
on, also.

Written by Carolyn M. Rodgers (1940-2010)


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