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I heard dat out in cyberspace
There is a very special place
Where you can go and have a taste
Of three-dimensional love.

When I heard dis I said all right
I have to taste this new delight
I had to find that love web site
For three-dimensional love.

I found a hacker jacking-in
With a friendly server serving him
I surf because I cannot swim
For three-dimensional love.

My modem waz performing fine
The clock said it was cybertime
All my emotions went on line
For three-dimensional love.

In virtual reality
The database waz dating me
I still kept my virginity
For three-dimensional love.

High without any narcotics
In search of some cyberotics
I search through all related topics
On three-dimensional love.

I found it, it was so attractive
Its interface was just perfective
And we got very interactive
On three-dimensional love.

I felt my mouse go wild and spasm
This is not no pleonasm
We blew a great big cyborgasm
Sweet three-dimensional love.

Written by Benjamin Zephaniah


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