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Save Our Sons (SOS)

We black men of England
Too proud to cry for shame,
Let's cry a sea Cry publicly,
Expose our very pain,
For Babylon the bandit
Is on our sisters' trail,
The bad talk
And the cool walk
Will not keep us out of jail.

We black men of England
Our guns are killing us,
How dare we?
Now hear me
How great is dangerous?
There's a fascist and a druggist
Out to get our kith and kin,
Let silent guns
Save our sons
The power is within.

We black men of England
Excel as if in sport
For our people,
Because some people
Want to see our face in court,
When we black men of
England Look the mirror in the face,
Through our sisters' eyes
We men shall rise
As proud sons of our race.

Written by Benjamin Zephaniah


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