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love in chains

It's bad to let the people you love go
because of your insecurities
yet it's so hard to resist
when you wish you could have more
Makes you wanna break free
I need stability
I know I'm stronger than this
but right now I feel so weak
There's got to be a better way to deal with my feelings
Why did I have to fall in love?
I wonder
So instead I wrap my love in chains
Praying God will keep me from coming undone
Careful not to become too attached
to something I might, one day, need to let go of
Such a beautiful creature you are
so why am I so selfish?
Putting myself before you
knowing your love for me is mine to keep
Sometimes I feel as if I'm not sure
While you're on the phone
I listen with pain in my heart
am I right to stay and pray that it will stop?
Or should I leave before it hurts any more
As time goes on I stay and endure
and that feeling I get inside
your presence makes me realize
it doesn't really matter
cause I don't mind drinking tears for water
So I continue doing anything in the world
for you
Just to ignore that feeling deep inside
that I'm hiding
for me
Am I running from the truth?
When the fact of the matter is
things are as they are
and there ain't nothin' I can do
to change that
So I wrap my love in chains
Praying God will keep me from coming undone.

Written by Alicia Keys


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