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is it insane?

Is it insane?
My life's in your love's hands
Is it insane?
How you've got a hold on me.

When you're near
all of me trembles
slightest touch
and I'm no good
and when you walk out of my door
I want you more.

Is it insane?
I was the one who called them fools
for being blinded by love
now it's me
who can't break free.

Even though you're with her
I still feel you in me
and I know when you kiss her
you're wishing that it was me.

Is it insane?
Thought you'd be my king
I'd be your queen
it would be complete with a wedding ring
was that just me imagining?

Now I cry
like I'm your widow
without you
I can't contain
this is my soul's last refrain
and you're the one that I blame.

She can have you now
I just want to fade away
sacrifice my life
to relieve this pain
so much pain.

Lord! Take away the pain!!

Is it insane?

Written by Alicia Keys


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